Our Testimony on how God used the song “The Eyes of the LORD”

[by Christene Jackman] based on 2 Chronicles 16:9a;Psalm 34.15;Nahum 1:7

 by the Rob Crawford Family

“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth…”

When we came back to live in OH, we were asking the LORD for deeper praise. We asked Him for the type of praise we could give back to Him, equal to the deep, rich intensity of His Word.

His answer quite simply, was to sing the Scriptures! What an inspiring idea we thought! Truly, are there better, more beautiful, more powerful words than the Word of God? One can sing ABOUT God, or we could sing the WORDS of GOD! We were very excited. As we looked around at recently written christian music,however, no one was doing this. Even traditional hymns were more about testimony than the literal words of the scripture.

The idea of writing music to every scripture passage that encouraged us seemed daunting at the time because we had only just begun playing the simplest music during our worship time.

Was there anyone else with the same desire to sing the literal scriptures of God?

We began praying, and searching carefully. We really wanted God to be the One who led on this. There are many songs we might think sound good, but what did God Himself want for us?

“…to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is SHALEM…”

At the same time, the Lord was showing us how He spoke to Israel in the Old Testament. He leads us all out of sin, into righteousness just like He did with our brethren so long ago. He showed us God has two Olive Trees before Him-the people who carried His Word before the cross, and the people who carry His Word after the cross. We are one in Christ (see Romans 11) This really moved us, and we looked to see if any of our Messianic Jewish brethren sang the scriptures. And indeed they did!

For us it was the perfect juxtaposition to the study the Lord had us doing in the Old Testament. One of the songs that encouraged us greatly was “The Eyes of the LORD” by Christene Jackman.

The Lord has always been with us, through easy times, and through the much more frequent difficult times. His eyes have truly been on us, we could and can feel it-in every situation, and in every lesson. Our Father in Heaven lovingly teaches his children. I’ll give you an example that sticks out in my mind. When we were newly baptized, the Lord instructed us on how to dress modestly. I also remember standing in front of the mirror, not knowing how to put up my still short hair, under the covering He asks women to wear (see I Corinthians 11). As I stood there I heard His still, small voice whisper into my mind, “have you tried this….” And when I tried His suggestion, of course it worked! God’s eye has always been personal, merciful,loving and patient.He is at the same time righteous, and unyielding. God truly wants His People to be in “Shalem“. You’ve heard of “shalom“-this is peace man to man;and it is peace, man to God.

Shalem means “walking in a proper covenant relationship with the LORD”, in other words, peace from God to man.  As we learn to follow God, and serve Him on His terms, He draws close to us. He fully helps, comforts, and guides each step. His eye is on those walking in shalem with Him.

“The LORD is good…a fortress in the day of distress…and He knows those who trust in Him”

The more we trust God, and follow His ways, the more we feel His care, and protection. He has always been with us, as christians, of course. However, it was when we fully surrendered those secret corners of our hearts, that the Lord filled them up with Himself. When He does this, the parts of us that were open to sin because we tried to hide them from Him, are now in the light, covered by Christ’s Blood. Those hidden corners where satan battered our souls, now they are protected, and God does the fighting for us.

“And His Ears are open to their cry…”

And while we used to fight and struggle against self, and sin, now we don’t. The more we trust to God, the more His is truly a shield, and a buckler against the evil one. Trusting God frees us up to enjoy the life, joy, and comfort in the house of praise. Life is still difficult, but we don’t get desperate or depressed anymore. We know we can go right to the Father, and He hears us. And not only does He hear us, He provides a way through any situation. We want to keep growing under His watchful eye for sure!

The LORD went on to show us other brethren, like Ms. Jackman, from all walks of life, all over the world, who sing the scriptures. It was so encouraging to hear others out there like us, responding to the call to proclaim the victory of the LORD by singing His Word. What a blessing! And what seemed impossible before-the writing of songs ourselves-happens all the time now. God moves through our house, and inspires us with so many tunes and scriptures we can hardly keep up with Him, lol!

And I know it’s because SHALEM, being in a right relationship with God Almighty, is our number one goal. Nothing else is more important.