“…fellowship one with another…”

What is fellowship??

We asked God this many times in our lives. We always heard that one should not “forsake the fellowship with the brethren”. However, there have been many more times in our life, than not, where God has asked us to walk alone. There have been many reasons, most outside of our control, some due to the things that He taught us, that put a spiritual separation between us, and other confessing christians. This life is tough, and we all owe it to God to make the difficult stands, and go where He leads us. After all, didn’t He show us in Exodus, that as He extricates us from our worldly lives, to be new in Christ, we leave our spiritual Egypt, like Israel did, and journey with Him into a wilderness, to learn from Him?

So, if we have such an example, what does God mean by fellowship? Maybe the idea of gathering with other believers is what we think of fellowship (a good, enriching, necessary thing to do, as God leads us together). What is fellowship from God’s Perspective?

The Lord showed us many scriptures we hadn’t considered before, and one of these was I John 1. Last year had been reading I John in our home-school. The Lord kept putting the 1st chapter on my mind. What was in there we needed to learn,I wondered?

I was moving through the day not too long after, when the Holy Spirit placed a finished tune into my mind. It was upbeat, and bright. I immediately went to the scriptures, and asked Him what psalm He wanted. Nothing stood out. Then He asked, “what about what we were just reading in the home-school?” So I opened to I John, and began reading. As I read the 1st chapter, I could hear the little tune behind the words, as they fit in so nicely. I John 1? How interesting! It still didn’t hit me yet why they needed to be there, but the Lord said they were just right. So our family began to play and sing.

“If we walk in the Light, as He’s in the Light, we have fellowship one with another…And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.”


As we were finalizing the music, and parts we each would play (which didn’t take long because like I said, the Lord had it finished when He gave it. And as an added blessing, we didn’t really need to discuss much-as each player heard the tune, the inspiration to add his or her specific instrument quickly followed.) the Lord began to reveal an important message, and answer to that longstanding question, “what is fellowship” from God’s perspective?

If we walk in the Light, as He, Christ, is in the Light, we have fellowship one with another. And He wrote this to us, that our joy would be full. Knowing that God views fellowship as walking in the Light,not necessarily just gathering with other believers, truly gave us that joy, and reassurance.

There are two side notes here: we can gather with people who say they walk with God, but really don’t. Just gathering with a group of people isn’t enough. Those people might actually keep you, and I from the light. What we need to look for, and what really makes the heart knit, is when we find people walking in the Light.

“That which was from the begining/which we have heard/which we have seen with our eyes/which we have looked upon/and our hands have handled/the Word of Life..”

And walking in the Light isn’t dependent on distance, or time. God sees us as in fellowship with the other great believers, and examples in the scriptures, and around the world, when we spiritually join together in that Light. We are all seated in the heavenlies, we are gathered around God’s Throne. These people were writing to us, as they penned those lines. They heard, felt, saw Christ, and they are writing to others in the Light, to give comfort and joy.

“If you are in Christ, you are here with us…”

Understanding this, singing the words, is a great blessing. No matter what comes our way in life, if we walk in the Light, we are not alone!